Published on 02/21/2018 6:45 am
Make Your Toddler’s Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

Planning for the transition of your toddler to kindergarten in Silver Lake LA? Do you want it to be smooth? It can greatly benefit from home support your toddler will enter the new phase of education.

Obviously, you want to spend enough time and energy to make your child’s first impression a positive one. Here are a few tips that will help you make your little one’s smooth transition to kindergarten in Silver Lake LA:


Do visit the new classroom in advance, if possible. Though your child will be in a new school, you should visit the school, the classroom, playground, and other school areas.

Introduce your child to teachers and administrators. Use a children’s book or photos to help your child feel better for the school environment.

Remember that you’re going to set the tone for how your child pictures the experience of kindergarten. Discuss how excited you were when you attended your first day of school.

You should understand what your child fears – especially if she or he is experiencing concerns. So ask them politely and listen carefully. Acknowledge the concerns that your child expresses as opposed to making light of them.

Fun Packed Preschool

Fun Packed Preschool

Find out whether your child is anxious. Discuss the positive experiences, like making friends, learning new things, and so on.

Please make sure your child knows when she or he will be picked up. You should help your child know when that time will relate to events instead of the clock. For instance, say, “I’ll pick you up right after the story time.”

If your child has not ever had an experience of being around other children, you should set up some play dates with neighbours or family, friends. An important part of the kindergarten experience requires that children know how to relate to others.

When the big day arrives, you should let your child pick out what he or she wants to wear. But you need to lay out clothing the night before.

At the end, you should make sure that you’re prepared both mentally and emotionally. It won’t be easy for you to walk away, when your child is crying. But staying there will only make the situation more difficult. You should say simply a good-bye and remind your child that you’ll see him or her very soon.

Conclusion –

Now you might have got the ideas to prepare for your toddler’s transition to kindergarten smooth and stress-free. So, it’s time to enroll your kids to Camelot Kids – a well-known kindergarten in Silver Lake, LA and let your little one learn, experience in an interactive child-friendly ambiance.


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